Black Swan’s Pure Herbal Bigarettes are Purely a NON-TOBACCO pure herbal product, 100% Free from Tobacco and Nicotine, a revolutionary new smoking herbal product, uniquely blended with amazing herbs which gives a unique and relaxing pleasure of smoking without any harm of Tobacco. Herbal Bigarettes are long cylindrical like cigarette shape with filter, 2.90 to 3 inches long, tendu leaf is "the body" of bigarette instead Paper like cigarettes, we have specially offered this product in natural tendu leaf to avoid Cigarette paper Harm, although production of Bigarette is much more difficult and expensive than paper cigarette but still from health point of view we have wrapped our pure herbal mixture in Herbal “Tendu Leaves “in the form of Bigarette.


 Designed by : IMAGINE EYE