Black Swan Herbal Smokes are real Enigma of unique Pheromone Blending; Pheromones have received a lot of attention in recent years, which inspired us to blend a unique smoking products based on theory of Herbal Science of Pheromones – “The world of attraction” or the “Law of Attraction” on the formulations of World’s ancient therapeutic methods, the medicine of ancient India – Ayurved and Unani Herbal Methods.
Ayurveda and Unani are 5000 years old medicine science of body and mind. It is the oldest preserved therapy system of the world and Pheromone science is a part of it; we have mixed both the sciences to create a new and unique blend of Attraction. There is nothing secret, we have used simple science of blending of Aphrodisiacs herbs (which may raise your own levels of pheromones due to its medicinal properties) helps body and mind, increases brain function, enhance concentration and promote mental clarity. This is the simple science of creation of this classic herbal smoke of attraction - “Temptation”. 
The ingredients or herbs used in the herbal smoke have different mechanisms to enhance production of Pheromones and secretion of such chemicals in the body, by more excreting or otherwise introduced to the environment such chemicals sends more signals to subconscious mind and intends to communicate or stimulate specific kind of response from same species.


 Designed by : IMAGINE EYE