Difference between Pheromones and Aphrodisiacs – Pheromones are simply carrier chemicals which living organisms emits or give off in the air in order to send specific kind of silent positive messages. Most people, however, associate pheromones with smell and attraction but Pheromones are odorless silent message or signals to subconscious mind and communicates wide variety of different things in human life.

Aphrodisiacs simply food or herbs which benefits body by enhancing pheromones, energy, dispelling fatigue, stimulating mental function and or relaxation, in one way or another, and get you on in "the mood" are called Natural Herbal Aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs may be foods, herbs, spices, scent or means which enhance production of Pheromones or libido in Human beings are Aphrodisiacs.

What are Herbal Aphrodisiacs?

What are Herbal Aphrodisiacs - There is a multitude of herbs that are used to enhance pheromones, attraction, libido and sexual potency. One important thing to note that most herbs, which help to improve pheromones or libido, contain heart-friendly compounds also which nourishes heart and mind both in result we express the inner most feelings and we open over selves like a rose opens her petals. Nature's treasure have a variety of selection of such herbs which acts amazingly and enhances the production of pheromones in human beings are simply called Natural Herbal Aphrodisiacs.

How a Smoke can be a Cause of Attraction?

Smoking and Pheromones (Attraction) both together sounds funny isn’t it? But it’s not!  Because you must have never heard or experienced such an herbal smoke blend yet, it really what it is “Temptation” and “Passion”, it is too difficult to believe, but its fact! This is one of the World’s first unique herbal smoking products ever offered.

Till date you must have encountered hazards of smoking "How About If YOU can cut all the harms of tobacco smoking and same time, develop Attraction and unique personal Appeal from Herbal Smoke!"

Just Imagine! What if

    YOU cut all tobacco hazards and maintain sound health even if you continue smoking?
    YOU develop an ADMIREABLE personality?
    YOU approach strangers and develop INSTANT CONNECTION?
    YOU feel RELAX and people around you enjoy your company?
    YOU can develop an art to have instant TRUST among people?
    YOU ATTRACT people for NO LOGICAL reason?
    YOU are ADMIRED by everyone for your SUCCESS?
    YOU can be an IDEAL personality of the entire community?

    To believe all this you have to try Black Swan’s pheromone herbal smoke then see the miracle of Temptation, relaxation and exhilaration all at the same time! Great mood enhancing “Attraction” blends are especially for those who really looking for a difference, excitement in their smoking life.

    DON’T TRY Black Swan Herbal Smoke Pheromone Blend- Until you try other smoking products of Pheromone! We challenge you to search any such competitive product in market, if you find then test it, but we bet you will not find any such product in the market because this is really unique and World’s first smoking product of its kind, don’t be disappointed after your deep search! Then come back and try Miracle Smoke “Black Swan” and experience it you will fully appreciate the product and say really it is “what it says”.

    Interesting Exercise to Test Pheromone Smoking Blends

    Pheromones work differently on everyone, first smoking result may vary as per the body’s chemical composition, and there is no guarantee that in first test only they will provide strong results for everyone, but continue use may bring desired results. A very interesting exercise to experience the amazing action possibilities of pheromone in smoking, you may give them a trial run to confirm. Like anything new, it's interesting task to test pheromone smoking blends to see how they work for you, to test or trial do this interesting exercise as per under given instruction;

    Instructions to Run the Pheromone Test

    Step 1- Find 10 (TEN) smoking guys (Male or Female), who are equally excited and willing to test the product as serious participants. Out of ten all will smoke blend “Temptation” and during the test days, if possible avoid tobacco cigarettes, if you cannot manage then cut to minimum whatever you can manage. If you will avoid tobacco cigarettes totally, during the test, results will be amazing. But manage the test in your best capabilities of affordability.

    Step 2- First prepare a self assessment survey form an fill this up with normal activities before smoking, Now each guy should Smoke at least Eight to Ten “Temptation Blend” Herbal Smoking Sticks per day for a continue period of three weeks or 20 days.

    Step 3- 21st day each of the participant will personally notice a change in health and physical activities, as well as a noticeable attraction among the strangers, closest group friends will also notice and comment about your positive change and you yourself will feel a remarkable positive change in style, attraction, personality and love life.

    Step 4- Each participant will prepare another self survey form; fill up honestly self survey activities you have marked during 20- test days and on 21st day onwards. Prepare and complete a post survey form yourself then analyze.

    Step 5- First analyze and notice changes in yourself, then discuss with each of the participant. Each participant will notice (8 out of 10 participants) a remarkable change. Collect and compare the post assessment form of two participants who could not feel any change. Examine it to see if there is any discrepancy in results between the two participants.

    Step 6- Then finally compare yourself (all the participants who were smoking “Temptation”) with the other group members who, as usual, were smoking other tobacco brands. All the participants will notice a great positive change in their several activities; this is the result of “Temptation” blend, the secret of your attraction and difference.

    You may feel noticeable difference in;
    When you start smoking pheromone blend, you'll usually experience the primary effects caused by the pheromones within three to four weeks. After continuing 7 to 8 weeks you'll see the actual positive changes. Initially to test the product action you must choose wisely to whom you test around, this product may work for everyone to make people responsive, it could be your girl or boyfriend, roommate, your boss or your best friend. You are of course responsible for your own actions but there's no sense testing product around someone you don’t know.

    When you will test you Black Swan Pheromone Blend Smoke, you'll be amazed by the increased attention you get from others and changes you may feel like;

    • More self esteem and a positive attitude 
    • Enhancement in your existing relationship
    • Get more smiles, winks, touches, hugs and kisses
    • Relaxation and much better love as well as over all life
    • An increased number of friendships and social invitations
    • A solid boost of confidence and all the positive responses.
    • More interesting conversations initiated by people that approach you
    • In sales it can be noticed that more people are interested in your products
    • Strangers are listing to you, or interested in your action and conversations
    • Get more respect from others and Broaden your perceived status and authority
    • A positive confident change in business life, relax and improved business relationships.

    Remember last thing that the pheromones are only an aid and work differently on everyone, the results may vary as per the body’s chemical composition, and there is no guarantee that they will provide strong results for everyone. It doesn't do any good to get the attention for those who will not act or can't carry on the developed difference or don't put any effort into your development or appearance it will not work, you have to act positively then it will work dramatically.

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