Temptation is the world’s first smoking product of its kind, we have selected herbs from nature's herbal treasure to create a unique Aphrodisiac smoking product which smells and spells the rituals of human attraction, simply an enigma have been blended to offer as classical herbal smoke “Temptation”. A blend which will get you on in "Thrill" is Black Swan’s – “Temptation”.
This is one of the unique herbal smokes ever offered. If really you want to enjoy or test this smoke fully, make sure before you smoke, first get ready to put you in a passionate mood than smoke. This doesn’t hit you at once, it gradually sets in, but when it does...then see the miracle of Temptation; relaxing and exhilarating at the same time, mood enhancing! Smoking Pleasure will be so uplifting to bring you right where everyone wants to be! Continue smoke will enhance body odors which may develop your appeal to others by enhancing level of your own body’s pheromone.

 Designed by : IMAGINE EYE