Black Swan’s Blend - 999:  is a herbal smoke of few exotic herbs of its unique taste and aroma, it is a relaxing combination of soothing as well as calming botanically formulated herbs blended smartly for all the occasions, smoker will literally forget all the smokes around after smoking Black Swan 999. This one is the Black Swan’s first and favorite Herbal Smoke. This blend has moved its way up to being our number- ONE herbal smoke! A great aroma is pleasurable, depth of which can be measured once smoked in solitude! Make sure when you light up your Black Swan-999 you should be in relax and happy mood, then you will really enjoy a unique smoking pleasure. This blend is recommended for strong, mild as well as regular smokers. Today “Black Swan – 999” blend is a talk of town and soon will be talk of the herbal smoking community worldwide.


 Designed by : IMAGINE EYE