“Black Swan” is “Enigma” of unique smoking pleasure of “999” different aromas, try “Just-ONE” to pick up your “Passion” and experience a unique smoking “Temptation” that’s what all about “Black Swan” Pure Herbal Smoke ! 

After several years of assiduous effort we blended Substitute of Tobacco in 2002 – A great smoking choice Pure Herbal “Non Tobacco substitute” is developed to enjoy without harm of Tobacco & Nicotine. Herbal Smoke appreciated by Class and self-confident smokers and Connoisseurs. It is good for all the occasions, pleasurable, better than tobacco smoke and not harmful to passive smokers. It may also help in quit smoking.

Herbal Smoke is a unique mixture of Pure Himalayan and Indian herbs, blending is based on two Herbal Ancient Health and Healing sciences Called “Unani and Ayurveda. The basic knowledge of Unani medicine as a healing system was developed by Hakim Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in the West) and Ayurveda is India’s Traditional healing system. In old days several common and uncommon illness was regularly treated through way of smoke inhalation of various herbs, treatments like Acute sinusitis, Asthma, Lungs Cleaning, Internal Healings, Insomnia, Tension, Sneezing, Infections of the Upper & lower respiratory tract, Common Cough and cold, Rhinitis, Mind Relaxation, Nasal polyps, Common and acute Head ache, various ulcers, skin problems etc. In our herbal smoke we have used formulated Herbs which were used commonly in old health traditions by Unani and Indian Ayurvedic Health Sciences.

Even today, in India, most of the healthcare centers practice old and traditional method to cure various illnesses, click this link to review one of the research centre in Malabar-India : http://maharayurvedic.com/html/doompanam.php

Our main aim is to offer this product to serve mankind, by saving them from Health and Wealth disappointments, even if they wish to continue smoking this will be “With Out Any Harmful effects of Tobacco! In very short time Black Swan’ Herbal Smoke became huge success, because of its unique blending specially unique pheromone blending, quality and workmanship with rich pleasure of smoking, not only in India but Worldwide.

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