Bigarette & Co., is re-branded name of “Tobacco House, founded in 1948”, pioneer and only company, manufacturing organic blended smoking products in India. Under corporate wings of Bigarette & Co. several brands are successfully managed and sold in different markets, but in past 52 Years, founders were always keen to offer a better substitute of Tobacco, new generation also realized the need of such product, and put all their efforts to offer something unique to the world, which should be a Real Tobacco & Nicotine Free Product and at the same time it should give a pleasurable feeling better than tobacco Smoking, In 2002 we created, blended and launched a unique herbal smoking product “Black Swan”.
Today Bigarette & Co. is one of the largest smoking product providers in India, holds and manages both the products, Tobacco as well as herbal products, adopting innovative and ultra modern concept of smoking.  

“Redefining the Smoke”
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