Bigarette & Co. (Herbal) started its way back on September 1999 with a single aim to offer something unique Tobacco & Nicotine free pure herbal smoking product, with a basic objective to offer a miracle harmless smoke to each and every smoker in the world; so that they can get rid from killer tobacco smoking, and those who are suffering can maintain and recover their health by getting benefit of this innovative herbal smoking product.
Finally created, blended a pure herbal smoke and launched under umbrella of Bigarette & Co. (Herbal) and Branded as “Black Swan” Herbal Smoke. Innovative Herbal Substitute of Tobacco is the extract of best kept centuries old Ayurvedic & Unani Health secret composition of Herbal Blending of “Rare Himalayan and Pure Indian Herbs.” 

Bigarette’s first two innovative blends “Black Swan – 999” and “Just ONE” were super hit, then down the line we introduced World’s first unique herbal smoking product of “Pheromone” blending which is superb product of its kind and a mega hit in smoking industry. The pheromone blends are branded as “Just-ONE”, “Temptation”, “Enigma” and “Passion”.

Black Swan Herbal Smoke offers top quality range of Herbal Smoking Sticks (Bidirolles, Bigarettes and Cigarettes) made from CERTIFIED, TESTED and APPROVED herbs, characterized by consumer-oriented policy, advanced technology and a high standard of quality, which established its position itself at the top among all the other Herbal Smoking brands available in the market. Our herbal products will unfold Herbal Smoking Miracles and at same time it will help to maintain healthy life even if smokers wish to continue smoking.


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